Since 1891, the old white general store on the corner of Blue Ridge Road and Greenville Highway, now known as The Wrinkled Egg®, has been the center of community life in Historic Flat Rock.  For almost one hundred years the Peace Family offered here, everything from farm fresh eggs and a relatively recent copy of the New York Times to a little local gossip around an old wood stove.

While in some respect life has certainly changed since the turn of the nineteenth century, today, this special corner is more alive, eclectic and intriguing than ever before in its history. For over two and one half decades, The Wrinkled Egg® has anchored this colorful corner offering an unusual collection of goods and eateries. Here you will find original southern folk art, well-priced antiques and vintage treasures, beautiful women's clothing, local pottery and fun stuff for kids.

Named in honor of a very special Rhode Island Red hen that once roamed the backyard with her friends and truly laid an occasional accordion-like "wrinkled" egg, The Wrinkled Egg is as unusual as its name. Some might tell you there's no such thing as a "wrinkled" egg. In reality, it's certainly true and one of nature's special surprises. In this spirit, you're sure to discover that The Wrinkled Egg® is indeed a rare and special find.

Shop for something truly different, pet our lop-eared bunny, talk to the finches, enjoy a pizza on the back deck or savor some wood-smoked BBQ under a shady magnolia.
Just like the old days, good conversation, old fashioned service and friendly smiles are always here. Word around town is, The Wrinkled Egg® is a great place to hang out. A "must see" when visiting the area.